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Coffee Break

Decaf, Cordillera

Decaf, Cordillera

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This decaf offers a remarkably sweet and smooth cup, reminiscent of non-decaf Central American coffee. Notes of dark sugars, hazelnut, barley malt, cocoa.

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  • Story

    We wanted an excellent Central American coffee to launch our decaf program, so we looked to a trader called Coffee Shrub that has steered us consistently toward great coffees in that region. We picked one of their pre-blended green coffees that was put through a Swiss Water Process decaffeination. This coffee offers solid sweetness, balanced low tones, and modest acidity. It has retained a rich flavor profile akin to its caffeinated counterparts.

  • Tasting Notes

    FLAVOR: Dark sugars, hazelnut, barley malt, cocoa

    BODY: Medium Bodied

    ROAST LEVEL: Medium

  • Coffee Background

    The Cordillera Central Decaf Blend features coffees from the mountainous regions of Central America. It was decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process in Vancouver, BC. This chemical-free water method preserves the coffee's natural flavors and aromas, resulting in a sweet decaf with balanced low tones and modest acidity.

  • Producer Information

    ORIGIN: Central America

    FARM: Various

    ALTITUDE: Various

    VARIETY: Caturra Types, Bourbon Types, Modern Hybrids

    PRODUCTION METHOD: Swiss Water Process Decaf

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Small Batch, Hand Roasted Coffee

All of our coffee is handled with care and developed to highlight the strengths of its flavor and character.

Until we open a new commercial space for our speciality roaster, all of our coffee is finished at home. It is a cottage food, and regulated as such.

Here is the obligatory cottage foods statement, which applies to all of our coffee products:

Roasted By David E. Lewis

3512 Hutchens Ave, SE

Huntsville, AL 35801

Ingredients: Coffee

This product may contain allergens. This food is not inspected by the health department.