About Us

HI there! I'm David Lewis, the guy behind Coffee Break 👋

My journey into the world of coffee started not just because I love a good cup (which I do!), but because I’ve seen the awesome ways that coffee can bring a community together.

Around this magical brew folks gather and connect. Ideas tend to flow, and, well, great things just happen!

Why Coffee Break Exists

I started Coffee Break because I realized that even though coffee is a daily ritual for so many, most of us actually know very little about it! I'm here to share my love and experience with coffee, help you understand and expand your palate.

What We’re All About

We’re all about roasting top-notch coffee and hosting popping up cafes where people can gather, learn, and make meaningful connections. It’s not just about the brew. The goal is learning, sharing, and creating a stronger sense of connection from farm to cup!

Our Values

  • Be Neighborly: We love the nitty-gritty of coffee, but we aren't snobs. Our goal is to help you along your journey, wherever you're coming from.
  • Sustainability: We’re mindful of our planet and the people on it, and always looking for ways to have a long-term impact with this business.
  • Pay It Forward: There's no way we can repay all of the love and support of the people who got us here, but we will try to make a difference for those who come next.

What You Can Expect

Choosing Coffee Break means you’re getting coffee that’s high quality and hand crafted. 

I’m proud to say we offer some of the freshest beans in North Alabama—most of our coffee is roasted to order! We only source the best, working with buyers who are as committed to communities as they are to quality.

We're all about transparency, fair prices, and high quality. Whether it’s a light roast single origin or a creative medium roast blend, we’re here to help you explore and enjoy every sip.

The Roastery

Today, all of our coffee is residentially roasted.

But, as we grow, my hope is to open a commercial roasting facility that will serve as a hub for green coffee buying, warehousing, roasting, and distribution.

It will also be home for educational tours and instructional media creation. 

Until the doors or roasting facility open, you can find us roasting cottage coffee using our small home production set-up and connecting with friends and neighbors throughout the community.

a specialty coffee roaster in productionJoin The Community

We love meeting fellow coffee enthusiasts!

Come find us at our pop-ups around town, like local farmers' markets, races,  school meet-ups, and in neighborhood events. Whether you're a coffee pro or just starting your coffee journey, swing by, have a chat, and let’s enjoy a great cup of coffee together!

Feel free to drop a line, ask about our events, or just share your coffee stories.