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A collection of excellent decaf coffees. Always great. Never an after-thought.

Decaf Shouldn't Be An After Thought

We built our Decaf Program to seek out and roast decaf coffees that taste great. Every month we'll introduce a new option to our lineup. Become a subscriber

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Current Decaf Coffee Options

We launched our Decaf Program in May 2024, and will be adding new options monthly.

Water-Processed Decaf

Most decaf you'll find at the grocery is processed using chemical solvents like methylene chloride or ethyl acetate. At Coffee Break, we only select decaf coffees that were processed using water-based methods.

The truth is that we aren't experts in green coffee processing - chemists, environmentalists, or health professionals. We are ever-learning, but not the authority on which decaf method is "best."

From an abundance of caution and care (for people, planet) we decided to focus on water process coffees, like those done in Swiss Water Process or Mountain Water Process.

Why is decaf more expensive?

The simple reason is that it takes more work to create a quality decaf. The decaffeination process is an extra, labor-intensive, step in the green coffee prep & cost.

Decaffeination, no matter how gentle, always creates stress on a green coffee bean and the soluble compounds within it that create flavor and body.

To achieve a great cup, you have to start with an exceptional coffee bean AND then apply additional work.

The good news? The end result of a well-thought decaf can be thrilling. And you can drink it all day.