Coffee break event booth

At Coffee Break, we're not just coffee enthusiasts – we're coffee storytellers on wheels.

Our coffee cart is more than just a piece of furniture - it's a vessel for delivering handcrafted, premium quality coffee to your neighborhood, your events, and your everyday moments. We're here to break down the barriers that often surround the world of specialty coffee.

What sets us apart is our commitment to not just crafting exceptional coffee, but also creating an approachable atmosphere – from the seasoned coffee connoisseur to the curious first-timer.

No question is too simple, no curiosity too small – we're here to share our knowledge and make your coffee journey a delightful adventure.

We believe in walk-and-bike friendly spaces, in bringing neighbors together, and in turning ordinary occasions into extraordinary memories. 

If you'd like to host a pop-up or have us out for your event, or just need coffee to serve yourself, let's connect to discuss how we can help.

Reach out to us at