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Bodum Milk Frother

Bodum Milk Frother

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Roaster's Notes

As a certified coffee snob and roaster, this device certainly wasn't the first coffee appliance on my radar. My wife put me onto it. I was reluctant at first, but the truth is our frother is incredibly versatile.

She mixes in her creamers and sweeteners with it, every morning. And the rapid vibrations of the frothing wand do create a creamy texture (very) quickly.

I've used this device to experiment with Aeropress "lattes," and various TikTok coffee creations. But also to make whipped cream for pie, quickly emulse a salad dressing, and several other handy kitchen applications.

It's also great for mixing cold foam to top iced coffee (or tea) drinks.

For less than $15, it's a great gifting item and stocking stuffer. And, for me, this device has gotten a lot more use than I expected. I wouldn't consider it an "essential" piece of my collection, but it's been consistenly fun to own.


  • This device is battery-operated (2xAAs), and batteries aren't included in the package.
  • Made of a plastic housing and stainless steel frothing wand.
  • Fits easily in a drawer, 4cm x 2.7cm x 22 cm
  • Manual ON/OFF switch locks in place during use


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